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Θέση Εργασίας για ThinkDigital Group
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 Θέση Εργασίας για ThinkDigital Group
Project Agora: Advertiser Success Executive position

Advertiser Success Executive
Advertiser Success · Patras, Achaia

Project Agora, a ThinkDigitalGroup company, is a Media Technology SaaS on a mission to keep the Open Web Open. In our day to day, we work with over 500 top digital Publishers and E-tailers in EMEA supporting them to maximize the value of each of their website visitors.

Project Agora has enjoyed a steady growth of more than 50% a year since founding in 2014. Our teams are an extraordinary group of talented, active, and innovative people who care about more than just building cutting edge technologies. We challenge ourselves to work with the best. We are Fat Cow Killers improving process efficiency, Rainmakers bringing stunning results, I+Valuers supporting colleagues, customers and partners, Always Curious exploring ways to innovate and we have Positive Bigfoots brining self-sustainable digital minded happiness to other people.

To deliver on our noble mission to enhance our Advertiser Engineering Department, we are looking for a talented Advertiser Success Executive. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work at the forefront of the advertising industry, as a member of our Advertiser Team, and provide accurate solutions to our Advertisers.

Key Responsibilities:
Programming & management of digital advertising campaigns across different channels, with a focus on optimization and data analysis in order to meet customers delivery & performance KPIs
Liaising with clients for providing continuous training, support and consulting on our digital advertising products and services, with a goal to maintain ongoing relationships
Manage individual deliverables and meet our team’s KPIs
Work with internal and external teams in order to provide solutions

Who you are:
Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or another related field
Familiar with web technologies and languages including PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Able to prioritize and deliver in strict deadlines
Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal
Be a voracious learner, having the desire and ability to become a deep expert in hundreds of use cases across multiple products
Knowledge of Arabic language (or native speaker) will be a plus

Who You will be working with:
A team with great working culture which embraces autonomy and initiative taking, supporting local media owners against international goliaths
A highly skilled engineers’ team organized in specific structure, interacting with numerous UIs and tools
Sales and Product teams, in order to provide feedback on our campaigns & products

Personal Objectives
Gain deep knowledge of our products covering hundreds of use cases and offer excellent customer services
Develop communication skills to efficiently provide our Advertisers with your feedback
Become an expert in learning new products and ad technologies

What we offer:
A competitive salary based on experience and skills 
A super competitive performance-based bonus scheme
A budgeted training and professional development plan
A modern workplace environment, and the excitement of working closely with a successful, highly motivated, dynamic and talented team
Health Insurance Scheme
Fresh fruits & best selection of tea everyday

Additional Information
Τype: Full-time
Seniority Level: Junior
Reports to: Advertiser Success Director
Location: Patras, Greece

Apply here:

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